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#1 - Pocket


Over 2 500 000 downloads

Technically not web development related, but because you deal with multiple sites at once it is a great tool to bookmark sites and come back to it.

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#2 - Postman


Over 1 200 000 downloads

Build, test and document your APIs faster. Ideal for those dealing with APIs.

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#3 - Web Developer


Over 1 000 000 downloads

Adds useful web developer tools to your browser. Think of it as the Swiss army knife for web development.

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#4 - ColorZilla


Over 800 000 downloads

Advanced eye dropper, color picker, gradient generator and many more features. This is the ant-eater of the internet!

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#5 - Edit This Cookie


Over 790 000 downloads

The best chrome cookie manager! Add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies. Don't just buy the cookies, own the bakery!

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#6 - Firebug


Over 700 000 downloads

A must have extension which allows you to monitor and edit HTML and CSS on a web page. Saves you more time so you can research what a firebug actually is.

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#7 - What Font


Over 480 000 downloads

Every wondered what font another website is using? Just hover over the font with your mouse and it will tell you - as simple as that.

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#8 - Page Ruler


Over 370 000 downloads

Select any area on a webpage and instantly see the sizing of your selected area.

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#9 - Clear Cache


Over 300 000 downloads

Clear your cache and browsing data with the single click of a button. No popups or opening of a window... Just cache (not cash) cleaning.

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#10 - Responsive Web Design Tester


Over 130 000 downloads

Quick and easy way to view and test your responsive website across all devices.

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#11 - Site Spider


Over 4 600 downloads

Handy tool that quickly finds the broken links on your site and also has a feature of editing how Google spiders crawl your site. Be the spider whisperer!

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#12 - Prototool


Over 900 downloads

Front end development tool to reduce the time spent with CSS by auto reloading and making everything a whole lot easier.

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